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Your safety and enjoyment is always our main priority. All vehicles used on our trips are regularly serviced, comfortable and driven by well trained drivers.
  it's easy being green – go by bike!
                     e-bikes | On a handful of our adventures, and growing, we are offering electric bikes. These are standard bikes fitted with a battery that can be activated when you choose to 'flatten' some hills or shorten longer days. Once on, you’ll find yourself moving along more easily. It is no wonder these bikes are growing in popularity.
bikes | Our cycling adventures mostly use quieter country streets and backroads. Depending on the terrain, we use hybrid or mountain bikes. They vary from 7 to 24 speed, feature lightweight aluminium frames and handbrakes (in some instances, disc brakes). They are perfect for the mixed surface conditions you’ll encounter.
Our guides adjust the bikes for you to ensure maximum comfort and safety. A support vehicle accompanies you to allow for breaks whenever you wish. Your expert local crew also features an experienced bike mechanic.
On our mountain biking adventures, we recommend bringing your own bike given their challenging nature. It’s best to have a familiar ride where you know the mechanics of your bike.
              touring vehicles | Private, generally air-conditioned, versatile and driven by our expert local drivers. For most of our overland journeys or longer distance travel you will be touring using comfortable vehicles carrying no more than 16 travellers. These have forward facing seats, air conditioning and efficient and safe luggage storage.
mini-vans | Used primarily as transfer vehicles, short distance travel and airport transfers, they are private, generally air-conditioned, and versatile and are driven by expert local drivers.
  4WD vehicles | Where large distances are covered over rough terrain, you’ll be travelling in 4WD’s. These are sturdy and reliable working vehicles that provide relative comforts for travellers. They are well maintained for the hard conditions and come with experienced local drivers who are knowledgeable regarding the rigours of the terrain.
   internal flights | Where appropriate we use an internal flight to avoid a vast distance or heavy road thoroughfares. We use only the most reputable airlines; our trip inclusions clearly state whether internal flights are included in your trip price and note the emissions are 100% offset.
trains | Train journeys are a quintessential travel experience. The quality of train carriages varies greatly, from special trains that spare nothing when it comes to comfort, to second class carriages for a truly ‘local perspective’. For overnight journeys we aim to utilise comfortable four person cabins which generally have pull down beds and a table for a game of cards or your refreshments.
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