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$7390 USD

25 Days$7090USD

  • 17 day trek
  • 7 nights hotel/guesthouse
  • 17 nights camping
  • 21 Dinners
  • 21 Lunches
  • 24 Breakfasts
Entry level Mountaineering or Exploratory Treks

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Trip highlights

  • Trek to K2 basecamp, Concordia
  • Cross the famed Gondogoro La, weather permitting
  • Experience the wonder of trekking beneath K2, the Gasherbrums, Masherbrum, Broad Peak, Trango Tower, Cathedral Peaks, Mustagh, Chogolisa and many more
  • Spend four days at Concordia, home to arguably the most spectacular mountain scenery on earth and the perfect base for forays into the surrounding range
  • Reach K2 Base Camp, the foot of the second highest mountain in the world
  • Trek along the famous Baltoro Glacier
  • Experience a breathtaking mountain flight from Islamabad to Skardu
  • Trek with an experienced leader and mountaineer, keen to share their insights with you

Our classic approach trek to the K2 base camp along the Baltoro glacier provides the perfect entry to the amphitheatre of Concordia, surrounded by the highest concentration of 8000 metre peaks on the planet. From our base camp at Concordia, forays into the depths of the mountains reveal an unrivalled collection of peaks that define the inner Karakoram, including the Golden Throne 'Baltoro Kangri' (7312m), Gasherbrum 4, Broad Peak (8047m), Chogolisa (7665m) and K2 (8611m) - the second highest peak in the world. This challenging trek leads through spectacular mountain wilderness following narrow trails above the swirling Braldu River before ascending the extensive Baltoro Glacier. From our camp we have reserved several days to ascend the Godwin Austin Glacier to K2 base camp and view the formidable climbing routes to the summit. During the visit to K2 Base Camp we will glimpse many climbing expeditions intent on summiting what is known as the 'mountaineers mountain'. We also have time to identify some of the adjoining peaks that have captured the imagination of many generations of mountaineers. With ample contingency days planned, we are able to maximise our chances of clear views and a successful pass crossing. Weather permitting we will return via the snow bound Gondogoro La to complete one of our finest high altitude treks.

Trip Code: K2G

On arrival transfer to the centrally located group hotel in Islamabad (the airport is situated mid-way between Islamabad and Rawalpindi). You will meet your group leader in the afternoon at the hotel for a trip briefing and gear check. If you are arriving on a late flight your briefing will take place tomorrow. Overnight hotel.

Meals:  Nil

a) Weather permitting, we take a spectacular flight to the high mountain region of Baltistan in the north east. On a clear day we should be able to see Nanga Parbat (8124m) and K2 (8611m) towering above all other mountains. (It is quite possible adverse weather in Islamabad or Skardu may affect our flight plans and make it necessary to drive by the Karakoram Highway to Skardu, a journey of approx two days). b) In case of cancellation of flight drive 10-12hrs by air conditioned coach to Chilas (480km) on the Karakoram highway. Overnight Basic Hotel/guesthouse.

Meals:  B,L,D

a)We will undertake preparations for our expedition and depending on our time of arrival into Skardu, there may be time to visit the town and possibly an excursion to Kachura Lake situated at the edge of the valley. Skardu is the provincial capital of Baltistan, lying at the edge of a broad floodplain that is the confluence of the Shyok, Indus and Basha Rivers. b)If we are driving the road journey today will be 7-8 hrs to Skardu (275km). On route are spectacular views of Nanga Parbat (8125m). Overnight Basic Hotel/guesthouse.

Meals:  B,L,D

Today our briefing with the tourism department will be held, a formality which is required for expeditions to this area. We'll then drive around 1.5 hours to Deosai Plains where we may be lucky enough to spot some Himalayan brown bears, who live in the sanctuary here. A picnic lunch at around 3850m is followed by a walk to our high point of around 4000m. From here on a clear day we will be rewarded with views of Nanga Parbat. We're likely to feel the altitude today, however the ascent will stand us in good stead for our ongoing acclimatisation and we will sleep at 2200m in Skardu. Overnight Basic Hotel/guesthouse.

Meals:  B,L,D

We will travel by jeep with our crew and supplies along the Shigar and Braldu valleys to Askole. Villages in Shigar have changed little in over five hundred years; farms with fields of barley, wheat and vegetables surrounded by stone walls and stands of poplar, willow and apricot trees. The apricot is a very important crop in the north, having a multitude of uses to the Balti and Hunzakut people. Villagers greet us as we pass through on the rugged dirt and stone road that leads to Baltoro. As we approach, the landscapes become desert like and once within the sheer valley of the Braldu, it is necessary to cross the river several times by suspension bridges. At various points the road may have collapsed due to erosion and we will transfer the gear across on foot to a vehicle on the other side. The journey may take anywhere from six to twelve hours, or possibly two days as a result! With patience, we will arrive at our first camp of the trek and the expedition will begin in earnest. In Askole the villagers grow their own cereals, vegetables and fruit and own large herds of sheep, goats and dzos. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

With the development of roads continuing, our previously trekked day is now a drive towards Jhola. The valley opens out to reveal the Biafo Glacier flowing for more than fifty kilometres from the Hispar La pass to the Braldu. On the journey we will experience the harsh, stark environment that forms the base of these great mountains. Our route takes us to the confluence of the Braldu and Dumordo Rivers where the infamous flying fox or 'jola' is located. It is still there, however a bridge has now been built making the passage much easier by every perspective (consider individual passage of 50 to 70 people with loads, compared with walking straight across a steel bridge!). In past years it was necessary to make a high traverse across a rocky face and descend steeply to the riverside of the Dumordo to gain the flying fox. It is this valley, fed by the Panmah Glacier, that was once a passage between Baltistan and Yarkhand across the West Mustagh Pass (5370m) into China. We descend beside the river to the Braldu and then follow along its banks to our camp. Depending on our arrival time, there may be a chance to undertake an afternoon walk before settling in for the night in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

After considerable organisation of equipment, supplies and porter loads for the journey ahead, we will commence our trek, avoiding any new road developments as much as possible. The route is mainly at riverside throughout the day, switching up and down somewhat according to the level of erosion and water levels of the Braldu. The Masherbrum Group may be glimpsed to our right via the Xiangang Valley. The range is a vast array of peaks that extend almost the full length of the southern side of Baltoro. Walking conditions are hot and dry and care must be taken to prevent sunburn, especially when most members will have come from a southern winter! As we approach camp several small glacially fed rivulets flow down from the north and the first peaks of the Trango and Uli Biaho group appear on the distant ridgeline. The vast snout of the Baltoro glacier, the fourth longest in Pakistan, is also visible but it's hard to gather a sense of scale from here. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

An important preparatory stage for our crew and porters. Our goats are slaughtered and roti (breads) baked throughout the day for the journey ahead on the glacier. It is a welcome opportunity for us to relax, read and take photos. Perhaps do some washing and simply enjoy being in the mountains. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

Making the short approach to the glacier, the great expanse of ice stretching across the Braldu comes into perspective when we see the many porters forming an ant-like trail across it. Ice cliffs tower more than sixty metres above the turbulent waters at the origin of the Braldu River. As a result of its continually changing nature, the glacial moraine may be difficult to trek upon at this stage and our route varies somewhat each time. One should be prepared for a hard day of walking and carry plenty of fluid. Once at the other side, the trail will hug the side and occasionally necessitate a glacier or river crossing.There are now uninterrupted views of Paiju Peak (6610m), Uli Biaho group, Trango Group and Cathedral Group - a majestic, spired collection of mountains that the Karakoram are so well known for. Behind us the steep grassy slopes make high grazing pastures for ibex and the rocks are home to mouse hares (Pikas) and colourful hoopoe birds which forage for food scraps. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

An easier day's walk, following a good trail at the side of the Baltoro with two feeding glaciers to cross enroute. It is Great Trango (5844m), facing eastwards, that is considered the greatest cliff face in the world and the point from which two Australians made a world record base jump in 1992. On the trail, pony trains carrying supplies to army camps are often passed and occasional helicopters overhead provide a reminder of our proximity to the disputed territory of Kashmir nearby. The grassy camp of Urdukas is well located before the mountains and is our last before continuing glacial camps. If the weather is clear at the head of the valley we may see Broad Peak (8050m) and Gasherbrum IV (7930m), two of the most prominent peaks of the region. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

Descending rugged terrain onto the glacier, we cross to the centre where it is easier trekking. We weave over rolling mounds of rock and scree, not unlike that of a quarry. We are in fact steering slightly northwards to a moraine hollow where Goro II is situated. The vast glacial highway of the Yermanendu feeds in from the south, leading from the many mountains around Biarchedi. Crystal and Marble Peaks are now right before us. Looking back towards Paiju, the impressive mountain groups that have dominated our views over the last few days are now dwarfed as we trek higher and further away. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

A special day today as we trek into Concordia and enjoy our first views of K2 (weather permitting!). This location must be considered one of the world's most spectacular camps as it is totally surrounded by stunning peaks. As we leave Goro II, the Biange Glacier to the north provides a superb view up to Mustagh Tower (7284m), one of the most difficult mountains in the Karakoram to climb. The trail continues along fairly easy rolling slopes of moraine marked by cairns and then passes among ice towers or seracs as we approach the colliding glaciers at Concordia. Mitre Peak (6030m) rises to our right, with Golden Throne (Baltoro Kangri) (7312m) beside it, while the Gasherbrum Group is directly before us. The expanse of Broad Peak (8050m) is to the left and finally K2 (8611m) looms above the ridge towering over the Godwin Austen Glacier twelve kilometres away. Each mountain is different in character and it's climbing history. It is awe inspiring to know that many of these mountains were explored and climbed upon around the turn of the century but were not submitted until the fifties and sixties due to their difficult technical routes and severe climatic conditions. One presumes they have little changed since these first explorations. Concordia, the junction of the Baltoro, Godwin Austen, Gasherbrum and Vigne Glaciers, makes a perfect base from which to explore and enjoy some of the highest mountains in the world. Very few people are fortunate enough to witness this sight. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

Our schedule is somewhat flexible according to the prevailing weather conditions and group preference. One of our objectives is to visit K2 Base Camp (approx 5150m) and the Gilkey Memorial, a spectacular full day trip from camp. From the base of the mountain there are expansive views to Savoia Saddle to the west and Windy Gap and Advance Base Camp on the Abruzzi Ridge to the east. We may spend a night half way up the glacier at Broad Peak Base Camp in order to have more time near K2. Alternatively, the Vigne and Gasherbrum Glaciers offer relatively easy day trekking among different amphitheatres of mountains; Chogolisa (Bride Peak), Trinity Peak, Golden Throne, Snow Dome and GI (Hidden Peak) to name a few. Another option is to relax at camp and enjoy the many mountains that are already before us. The best views of K2 are from Concordia, the Abruzzi Ridge clearly visible to the summit. At this stage of the trip, we may reassess our return/exit route, depending on prevailing weather and route conditions, and the capability of the group and team as a whole. Our planned exit, taking into account the above, is to ascend the Vigne Glacier from Concordia and cross the glaciated Gondogoro Pass (5585m) to the Hushe Valley. Crampons are usually required for this pass crossing. It is a challenging pass crossing and will only be attempted in good conditions; your guide will liaise with you on this option as the trip progresses, and make the final decision at the appropriate time preceding the objective. After crossing the pass it is a two day walk out to the village of Hushe, where our vehicles meet us. Any spare days will be well utilised as a rest day in one of our spectacular camps enroute. If circumstances don't allow us to travel this way, we will return by the no-less-spectacular journey back down the Baltoro glacier to the roadhead at Askole. Heading in a different direction, the views are always different and the weather always changing in the mountains; one could not consider this route as repetitious by anyone's standards. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

Today we trek for 5-6 hours on the Vigne Glacier with superb views of Chogolisa and Mitre Peak. Overnight will be spent at Ali camp just below the pass in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

Adverse weather conditions may prevent us from our ascent of the La, and it may be necessary to delay our crossing. Your group leader will assess the weather, ice and snow conditions. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

8-10 hours, 8.5km, 930m ascent, 1260m descent. We must start very early in the morning (1am) for our crossing of the pass. After 4-5 hours of steep and strenuous ascent we gain the top to be rewarded with stunning views of K2, Broad Peak and the Gasherbrums. The lovely snow and granite knife edged peak of Laila (6200m), first climbed unofficially in 1987 by a British expedition and unofficially in 1996 by an Italian expedition, rises over the Gondogoro Glacier as we turn to descend. We descend 3-4 hrs to Xhuspang camp (4680m). Xhuspang is named for the turquoise (xhu) flowers which blanket this grassy place in summer. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

Continuing along the lateral moraine we descend to Shaieshcho, a picturesque campsite nestled amongst tamarisks, wild roses and junipers set beside the river. There are views up to the Charakusa Valley towards K7 (6934m). Tonight there is the chance for song and dance as the porters are relaxed and happy with a successful crossing of the Gondogoro La behind them. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

Today is our final day of trekking in Pakistan. 3-4 hours of easy descent bring us to the village of Hushe. Nestled in the Hushe Valley it is the gateway for many expeditions travelling to Masherbrum, the Charakusa and Nangma valleys. Time permitting we may have the option of a short climb to the top of a hillside on the edge of the village to gain unparalleled views of the mountain tops of the entire Baltoro. Overnight in our fully serviced wilderness campsite.

Meals:  B,L,D

Today we return to Skardu by jeep. The drive is a pleasant one through pretty scattered villages.The locals are busy with harvest and the apricot trees are heavy with ripening fruit. We travel via Khaplu the second largest kingdom of the old Baltistan guarding the trade route to Ladakh along the Shyok River. In the afternoon, a debriefing with the tourism department will be held. Overnight Basic Hotel/guesthouse.

Meals:  B,L,D

a) Weather permitting we will fly to Islamabad today and on arrival transfer to our hotel. b) In case of flight cancellation it is necessary to drive to Chilas and overnight at a hotel on the banks of the Indus. We cannot guarantee air travel at any time between the north and south and we expect members to be as reasonable and flexible as possible on this matter. Should we travel by surface, we will have a private minibus that will take us via Chilas which is a day's drive from Islamabad. The road is good for most of the journey but occasionally subject to landslide breaks which can delay us. We follow right beside the Indus from Skardu and view the incredible force of the river by the deep gorges it has carved out. We then join the Karakoram Highway (KKH) which was built by the Chinese over twenty years and runs from Kashgar to 'Pindi. As we wind our way southwards down to the plains, we cross several passes thickly forested in pine and birch. The hills open out to the vast plains and deltas of Punjab province. The traffic becomes more chaotic as we approach Rawalpindi and one feels the temperatures of the plains once again. Should we be able to fly, the additional time will be well spent in 'Pindi; shopping and sightseeing. The Bazaars have endless numbers of streets to explore and traders to bargain with. Overnight hotel.

Meals:  B

a)Day at leisure in Islamabad. There is time to explore the many bazaars and features of interest in the old city of Rawalpindi. Overnight hotel. b)In the case that we are driving we will complete the road journey from Chilas to Islamabad. Overnight hotel.

Meals:  B

After breakfast we will transfer to the airport for our return flights.

Meals:  B



The map and elevation chart are for illustrative purposes only and meant to provide general guidelines.


  • 24 breakfasts, 21 lunches and 21 dinners
  • good quality accommodation in Islamabad
  • basic hotel/guesthouse in Skardu
  • accommodation in our fully serviced wilderness campsites
  • Led by a highly experienced mountaineering leader accompanied by an expert local high altitude guide and dedicated local crew
  • airport transfers regardless of arrival and departure timing
  • flights Islamabad/Skardu/Islamabad approx US$300
  • internal transport by air or private vehicle as described
  • safety equipment including portable high altitude chamber, satellite phone, oxygen for emergency use and expedition medical kit
  • all group camping equipment and expedition services including guides, cooks, porters, two person tents, insulated mats, cooking and eating utensils, mess tent with table and stools
  • crampons, climbing helmet and all required equipment for pass crossing
  • 15kgs porterage of personal gear on trek
  • emergency medical kit.
  • all trekking and permit fees valued at US$200
  • visa support letter
  • porter's insurance
  • use of a climbing helmet, crampons and all required equipment for pass crossing

  • Sleeping bag
  • Lunch & dinner in Islamabad
  • Bottled water, aerated & alcoholic drinks
  • Items of a personal nature such as phone calls, laundry, etc
  • Tips
  • International flights
  • Airport and departure taxes, excess baggage
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance

About Your Leader

The leader for this trip is to be confirmed for 2025, previous leaders include world-renowned British mountaineer, Victor Saunders and Soren Kruse Ledet, a high altitude mountain guide who has led more than 60 mountaineering expeditions and challenging treks in Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and Tibet. The leader for 2025 will be of a similar calibre, you will be in good hands on our K2 trek.

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