Tasmania is home to many of Australia's best hiking experiences |  <i>Chris Buykx</i> The Overland Track, Tasmania's most famous walk |  <i>Mark Whitelock</i> The Walls of Jerusalem is one of the best places to hike in Tasmania |  <i>Caro Ryan</i>
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Tasmania's Best Walks

From Cradle Mountain to the South Coast Track

Some of the oldest rainforests on earth, isolated virgin wilderness, stunning coastal landscapes and burgeoning gourmet food and wine experiences. It may be small, but Australia's tiny island of Tasmania packs a punch when it comes to world-class walking. From the popular Cradle Mountain hike to the challenging terrain of the South Coast Track, there's a hike for everyone in Tasmania. But which are the best ones?

Tasmania consistently features in the 'world's best walks' lists with outdoor editors around the world. It all started with the Overland Track, the 65km graded track through the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Parks and, more recently, the Three Capes Track has caught the eye of keen walkers. Gourmet walks, challenging full-pack treks through remote terrain, the Great Walks of Tasmania collection, there are no shortage of hikes in Tasmania; but if you can only make it here once, which one should you do?

We've been offering quality guided adventures in Tasmania through our Tasmanian Expeditions operation since the 1970's. From our experience, the trips listed below are the best walks in Tasmania. Whichever walk you choose, join us to experience it in relative comfort with your safety and enjoyment taken care of – that's high quality outdoor gear, delicious meals and a professional, local team all provided to make your Tasmanian walking experience the trip of a lifetime.

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Classic Tasmanian walks
Top gourmet walking holidays in Tasmania
Challenging Tasmanian treks 
Popular multi-activity adventure holidays in Tasmania
When to walk in Tasmania
Tasmanian winter walks & snowshoe treks
Sustainable practices and conservation efforts

Classic Tasmanian walks

Trekking through pristine landscape in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park |  <i>Don Fuchs</i>

Walls of Jerusalem Circuit

Despite being next door to the Cradle Mountain National Park, 'The Walls', as it is often referred to, sees much fewer visitors. Hike through a natural fortress of peaks and crags that take you along a biblical theme through Tasmania’s only true alpine National Park.

Only accessible by foot, remote alpine herb fields, highland lakes and glacial moraines await! This is a full-pack trek requiring experienced walkers to carry between 15-20 kilograms of their gear on their back – including a portion of the groups food and equipment. Experience it from 3 to 6 days, guided or self-guided.

The iconic Cradle Mountain and boat shed at Dove Lake |  <i>Adrianne Yzerman</i>

The Overland Track

Tasmania's most iconic and internationally famous walk, the Overland Track takes you deep into forests, among sub-alpine plateaus and to sublime highland landscapes. End each day at scenic campsites set in remote wilderness with delicious three-course meals prepared by your guides. Our creek-side campsite overlooking the grand spires of Cathedral Mountain is a particular highlight!

Suitable for fit first-time bushwalkers (be prepared to carry your gear), visit three of Tasmania’s largest and most spectacular waterfalls, encounter native animals, birds and stunning endemic plants and enjoy side trips like a climb of Cradle Mountain.

Walkers on 4 Mile Beach on Maria Island

Maria Island Walk

Explore Tasmania's 'Garden of Eden' on one of the most popular Great Walks of Tasmania. Traverse five stunning beaches, visit ancient Aboriginal sites, climb Mt Maria for exceptional views back to the mainland and spot an abundance of wildlife – from wallabies to wombats, and maybe even the elusive Tasmanian Devil – over four days.

This is the ideal trip for beginner walkers to Tasmania and for those who love picturesque coastal walks.

Explore the enchanting and changing moods of the ancient Tarkine Rainforest |  <i>Pete Harmsen</i>

Tarkine Wilderness Walk 

We think this is one of the world's last greatest wilderness areas that is best explored on foot.  Abundant in history, fascinating flora and fauna, the Takayna/Tarkine region in Tasmania's northwest is a 450,000 hectare landmass home to more than 6000-year-old stone carvings. It is a sanctuary for at least 60 rare or endangered species and brimming with a natural history that dates back 100 million years. Another great option for first-timers.

Tasmania's 5 most challenging hiking trails

Step out of your comfort zone and push your boundaries in remote wilderness areas few have stepped foot in.

Happy group of trekkers on the South Coast Track |  <i>Anne Jordan</i>

South Coast Track

It’s known as one of Tasmania's toughest multi-day treks – and for good reason, with only a couple of hundred people committing to the challenge every season. Cross through unspoiled and ever-changing wilderness in its southernmost shores over 9 days, covering 85 kilometres – from empty beaches, towering rainforests and alpine heights. Expect to carry a full pack of up to 20 kilograms, walking 10 to 15 kilometres each day on remote walking tracks; sometimes across river crossings, muddy moors and steep ascents.

The challenging climb of Frenchman's Cap provides rewarding views. |  <i>Sorrel Wilby</i>

Frenchman's Cap Trek

This 46-kilometre return journey offers some of the best views across the entire World Heritage Wilderness area, ranking it one of the top walks in Australia. Experience elation and pride once you make it to the summit of Frenchman's Cap – the highest peak in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park in the West Coast – climbing a steep 450 metres. It will be well worth the effort as you are rewarded with spectacular vistas throughout the Tasmanian wilderness including Mt. Ossa, the Arthur Range and Macquarie Harbour.

Trek the remote Port Davey Track |  <i>Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman</i>

Port Davey Track

Want to avoid foot traffic and truly immerse in sublime World Heritage wilderness? The Port Davey Track is a winner. Experience the tranquility and remoteness of the Lost World Plateau and surrounding ancient mountain ranges; walk in rare pockets of rainforest, camp on the banks of the mystical Crossing and Spring Rivers, cross the magical Bathurst Harbour by rowboat and summit Mt Hesperus in the Western Arthur Range. Come open-minded and ready for a wonderful experience whatever the weather. Combine this trek with the South Coast Track for an epic traverse of the entire southwest of Tasmania.

Looking out from Bechervaise Plateau towards Mt Anne |  <i>Brian Eglinton</i>

Mount Anne Circuit

This rewarding 5-day bushwalking challenge combines all of our favourite aspects of a southwest wilderness epic: a spectacular objective, sub alpine crags and exposed scrambles, deep forests and idyllic lakes. Tasmania’s unpredictable weather will add to the adventure, but the endemic wildlife and unbeatable views from the summit of Mt Anne (1425m) make it all worthwhile.

The view from the top of Tasmania, Mt Ossa 1617m |  <i>Mark Whitelock -</i>

The Great Tasmanian Traverse 

Explore the ‘Apple Isle’ of Tasmania from end to end, across 300 kilometres and over 39 days. Walk four of Tasmania's greatest multi-day treks through World Heritage Listed wilderness, including summitting the iconic Cradle Mountain and Tasmania's highest peak, Mt Ossa, and paddling down the mighty Franklin River.

Tasmania walking videos

With beautiful mountain scenery, unique flora and fauna and spectacular views across “the land of a thousand lakes”, the Walls of Jerusalem is a world-class walking opportunity.   Experience spectacular mountains, pristine wilderness and unique flora and fauna on the stunning Walls of Jerusdalem walk. During this six day full-pack bushwalking expedition, we visit Tasmania’s only true alpine National Park, the Walls of Jerusalem, exploring the remoter parts of the national park. Alpine herb fields and highland lake country abound as we visit Lake Adelaide, Lake Meston and Junction Lake to name a few.   ------------------------------  Inspired? See More!  Our website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

Walk Tasmania's Overland Track with Tasmanian Expeditions  Tasmanian Expeditions offers more ways to walk the Overland Track than anyone else. This means we have the most dates on offer, more knowledge of which style would work best for you and even new ways for you to re-visit this Australian icon if you’ve travelled it before.   - The Overland Track: The classic, original version of Tasmania’s most famous walking trail that includes side trips and a climb of Cradle Mountain.  - Overland Track Self Guided Walk: Independent travellers can walk at your own pace and leave all the logistics to us  - Overland Track Winter Trek: Enjoy the silence of the crowd free snowy trails when the Cradle Mountain National Park turns into a winter wonderland.  - Cradle Huts Overland Track: Enjoy walking during the day then relaxing in comfort and warmth each evening in private hut accommodation.    ------------------ Inspired? See More!  Our website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Discover the pristine landscapes and intriguing history of Maria Island by day while at night relax with a glass of wine at our comfortable wilderness camps and the historic Bernacchi House. This spectular walk takes in the highlights of Maria Island with an element of luxury in the evenings.  ------------------------------  Inspired? See More!  Our website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Bruny Island Long Weekend  Walking and dining in the deep south of Tasmania has never been so good.  Bruny island is 50km in length and showcases Tasmanian wilderness at it's very best. Home to rare and endangered plants and animals, view Tasmania's most preserved landscapes on a three day gentle walking tour. Spend your evenings in a retreat with king sized beds in exclusive luxury tented camps.  ------------------ Inspired? See More!  Our website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Experience blissful immersion in nature combining coastal and mountain walking- carrying no more than a light day-pack, return each evening to the secluded Friendly Beaches Lodge to enjoy splendid meals, local wine and a comfortable bed.  The inspiring four-day journey along the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania's east coast combines exciting coastal and mountain walking during the day with comfortable accommodations each evening. The walk will take you along deserted beaches, up pink granite monoliths and through the heart of the rich native heath lands of the Freycinet National park, including the iconic Wineglass Bay.  Return each evening to the award winning lodge where your hosts will serve you splendid meals and regional wines. You can enjoy a hot shower or bath before sleeping in a comfortable bed after a satisfying day of walking. A true eco-lodge, it has solar power, waterless toilets and rainwater tanks which ensure that it leaves a minimal impact on the environment of this secret place. The walk itself covers between 33 and 37 kms depending on which walking option you choose. Regardless of choice, you will travel from the southern tip to the north of the Freycinet Peninsula in a continuous journey and the best part is that because this bushwalk is lodge based, you don't have to carry a heavy back pack. No one except your fellow walkers and the four staff will be at the lodge with you - making it a special place to truly unwind.  ------------------------------  Inspired? See More!  Our website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Walls of Jerusalem, Tasmania: Lonely Planet 'Great Wall Walks of the World'  Tasmanian Expeditions guide Darren Green talks to ABC radio about walking in the Walls of Jerusalem National park, which in Lonely Planet's 'Great Wall Walk's of the world along side icons such as the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall. Discover the Walls of Jerusalem on our exclusive 4-day walk into the Tasmanian highlands. Only accessible by foot, it is a relatively short walk to camp, making this trip an ideal introduction to real wilderness camping without the commitment of carrying full backpacks. This is a perfect trip for anyone keen to experience a true wilderness environment and enjoy the simplistic yet rewarding experience of remote camping. For more information visit  ------------------ Inspired? See More!  Our website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Barn Bluff Summit Panorama  The spectacular view from the top of Barn Bluff. Fitter walkers may have a chance to summit this iconic peak on a camping based walk of the Overland Track in Tasmania.  ------------------ Inspired? See More!  Our website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

Enjoy variety? Combine walks with more activity

Hike, cycle, kayak or raft in Tasmania

Experience the best of Tasmania by exploring its unique environments on foot, by bike or on the water.

Choose to discover the East Coast's must-see highlights on our Cycle, Kayak and Walk Tasmania multi-adventure, selected as one of the ’50 Tours of a Lifetime’ by National Geographic Traveler, or combine a climb of Frenchman's Cap with an exhilarating rafting expedition along the iconic Franklin River supported by the pioneers on what has been voted as the 'World's Best River Journey'.

Our multi-activity holiday adventures include two or more activities with all equipment you need provided, so you can do it all!

Best times to walk in Tasmania

Generally, between October and April. This time of year provides the best chance of warmer temperatures, but you are likely to experience all sorts of weather while in Tasmania – winds, rain and even snow in elevated areas can occur at any time of year!

October and November marks the return of longer, warmer days while still being cool at night. Often during this spring time season, you will see fewer crowds and beautiful wildflowers in bloom. 

December to February: The Australian summer is not as harsh in Tasmania and many mainlanders visit to escape the heat. You can experience ideal, relatively warmer weather conditions for the state making it the most popular time to walk in Tasmania. Situated in the 42nd parallel south, the daylight hours are longer making it ideal for camping trips.

March and April: While beautiful at all times of the year, the vibrant colours of autumn are particularly stunning as the changing colours of the fagus, Australia's only winter deciduous tree, add a spectacular display of reds, orange tinges and brilliant golds to its already beautiful landscape. In autumn, you can experience calm, sunny days and cool crisp nights. 

From June to August, many National Parks receive a generous dusting of snow with lakes frozen over, turning it into a winter wonderland. With fewer people on the track during the winter season, this offers a more serene and tranquil environment and the chance to snowshoe in an alpine landscape.

However, it's not unusual to encounter all four seasons on your walking adventure in Tasmania. Snow can fall at any time of year with chances of wild winds (the roaring forties), heavy rain and sunshine often experienced all in a day. So be prepared to walk in all weather conditions (but don't worry, our extensive gear list provided in your pre-departure kits and our highly trained guides will make sure you're well equipped for what comes your way).

Sustainable travel practices

How we aim to keep Tasmania pristine and beautiful

Our Tasmanian walks and multi-adventures are Ecotourism ECO IV certified. It has always been our motto that "we take only photographs and leave only footprints" and we hope that you will try to help us achieve our goal of keeping our impact to a minimum. 

Support true sustainability when you travel with us and help preserve Tasmania's natural environment and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

Our operations and in the field commitment to reduce our environmental impact:

       Our policy is to source locally produced food first, Australian-grown second and imported if absolutely unavoidable.
       Our guides encourage and promote an understanding of conservation through interpretation natural and historic values, and ensure our presence has no effect on historic, Aboriginal and archaeological locations.
       We ensure that guides are composting any organic waste produced on accommodated trips. A barrel is provided and the organic matter is composted off site.
       To minimise impact, our food drops are rotated from sites to enable rainforest to regenerate. 95% of our trips employ locals to make food drops rather than utilise helicopters, thus reducing carbon emissions.
       We actively support NGO conservation groups. For instance, conservationist Geoff Law regularly leads trips down the Franklin River with us to talk to clients about the conservation battle to stop the iconic wild river from being damned in the 1980s.
       We have partnered with the Parks and Wildlife service to help facilitate the ‘Green Guardians’ project. This entails guides and clients helping with wildlife surveys, rubbish collection and removal and weed eradication on the Franklin River.
       Developing of a series of group camping platforms – in careful conjunction with the Parks & Wildlife service – to reduce visitor impact.
       Helped in the campaign to end logging and wood chipping of Tasmania’s high conservation value forests, as well as been involved in the lobbying against the controversial proposed pulp mill in the Tamar valley.
        We consider local job creation and try to employ members of the local community. In addition, we use local suppliers for almost all purchases and recommend many smaller local businesses for accommodation or activities pre and post trip.

Thoughtful Travel principles to keep in mind when on tour:

       All waste, even when disposed of properly, has an environmental impact. Avoid taking plastic bags and plastic bottles and instead opt for a reusable bottle and a dry bag.
       As life in the wilderness is simple, you can learn to enjoy life without the many little extras. Consider leaving behind all but the basic essentials (as specified on your gear list).
       Travellers are not to disturb or feed wildlife or browsing animals. Always respect the wildlife and observe from a distance.
       While trekking we recommend you always stay on the marked trails to avoid stepping on protected or endangered plants. Our only exception to the rule is when travelling cross-country on durable surfaces with no established trail. If walking off-trail on durable surfaces such as sand, gravel, rock or dry grasses, spread out so that your group does not create new trails, leading to vegetation damage and erosion.

Know that when you travel with World Expeditions, your Tasmania adventure is 100% carbon offset, leaving a positive impact to conserve local environments and wildlife, including a reforestation project in Victoria, Australia.


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